How Profanity Affects a Fetus’ Mind

Nothing makes an expecting mother happier than their doctor telling them that their baby is perfectly healthy. I have done everything so far to make sure that my baby boy, Charley, is as healthy as possible. I have altered my diet drastically, have been taking prenatal supplements, and have been doing specialized workouts three times a week.  My doctor told me and my hubby that since Charley was past 30 weeks old he could now begin to hear us. He told me that he would be able to hear voices and music outside the womb. I was so excited to hear this, without thinking about how silly I looked, I looked down at my belly and said, “can you hear me Charley? It’s your mama!”

?????????????????????????????After our appointment I and the ol’ ball and chain were walking out of the doctor’s office as a truck was pulling into the parking spot near our car with blaring music. I had to walk near their car to get into the passenger side but my motherly instincts wouldn’t let me. I could hear the words to the song that were being blasted out of their open windows and the lyrics still echo in my head. “Smack a ho!” and “suck my d**** b****!” There was no way I was going to let my newly developing baby hear that! I waited patiently until they turned off their music so I could get into my car.

I thought I was being a little crazy so I talked about the incident with my doctor over the phone. He told me that I was being smart and directed me to some studies that proved that I was doing the right thing. According to Sciencenews, babies in the womb can learn words, and they tested this by playing a recording of the word, “tatata” near multiple mothers’ wombs and later playing it again for the babies after they were born. After analyzing the baby’s brains the scientists learned that the babies recognized and remembered that word! Call me old fashioned but I don’t want my baby knowing and remembering the words d*** and b****, or any offensive or demeaning word for that matter, while he is still developing!

Babies in the womb can identify their mother’s voice and studies have shown that a baby’s heart rate will increase when they hear their mother’s voice, showing that they are paying more attention. As a mother your voice is also the clearest to your baby and since their brains are sponges when they are developing, you should not only tell people not to say profane things around you but also police yourself and not use any profanity while you are pregnant.

It is clear that anyone who is pregnant should avoid people who have a dirty mouth or listen to offensive music. Do you really want your baby’s mind corrupted before he or she is even born? Also stay away from the sounds of movies that are action packed or have destructive themes as this may have harmful effects on your child.

I advise all mothers to be vigilant in protecting the mental health of your developing baby because only you can safeguard your child’s mind.

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